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Stocklarium is a curated selection of cinematic and thematic images, updated weekly, tailored to fit the needs of authors, designers and other artists working in the entertainment industry.

We specialized in offering a diverse model cast, especializing in Latin, Mixed Heritage and POC.

Explore never-before seen models and take a look at our different outfits, props and theme options!

We add new images every week and have several affordable licenses available to fit your every need.


Extended Terms of Service and Licenses for all our images.

STANDARD Digital only: $8.75

Single Image, single user. Unlimited digital impressions. Image can be used in any project with a digital output, including:
    o Book Cover Design and Illustration
    o Banners, Blogs, Book trailers, teasers, etc.
    o Single Sale Cover Design/Pre-Made Cover

STANDARD Full: $12.50

Single Image, single user. Unlimited digital impressions. Up to 200, 000 prints. Image can be used in projects with both unlimited digital output, and printed output under 200,000 copies, including:
    o Hardcopy books, magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.
    o Bookmarkers, posters and free promotional materials.
    o Single Sale Cover Design/Pre-made Cover

EXTENDED Basic: $50.00

Single Image, single user. Unlimited digital impressions. Up to 200, 000 prints. Image can be used in projects with sellable retail output, including
    o Apparel and tote-bags
    o Mugs, coasters, pens, etc.
    o Fine Art Prints, Calendars, Board Games, Stationery Items,
    o Multiple Sale Cover Design/Cover Template

EXTENDED Mass Market: $225.00

Single Image, single user. Unlimited digital impressions. Unlimited prints. Package suitable for large publishers, film and TV production, design agencies, large-scale promotional campaigns, Video Games, Digital Apps, etc.

EXCLUSIVE License: $300.00

Single Image, single user. Unlimited digital impressions. Unlimited prints. Purchase the exclusive usage of your image and ensure it won’t be sold or offered to anyone else. Not available for every image.




All images labeled as FREE can be used for both Commercial and Non-Commercial projects at no charge, as long as the following rules are observed:

Credit reading “Cover Image: BZN Stock” or similar must be included in editorial information or general credit section every time an image is used. When possible, include link: www.stocklarium.com

Selling, re-proposing or re-distributing Free Stock as is is strictly forbidden. This includes using the images to create cut outs, brushes or patterns, or adding simple filters or backgrounds to the image and posting it as yours.

General Premium Rules apply.



Use of the content for pornographic, illegal or offensive purposes, as well as to promote animal cruelty, violence, and/or racial, social, gender or religious discrimination is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Using the images in any way that may be perceived as any of the above will result in immediate, non-refundable revoking of the usage license and emission of a C&D notice.
    o Erotica authors please contact directly and inquiries will be reviewed in a case-by-case fashion.

All images are single-serve. No two different users can share rights to an image, and no image may be used in separate, unrelated projects by the same person.

Stocklarium material is non-exclusive (unless EXCLUSIVE License is purchased), which means that licenses grant the use of the image, but not exclusive rights to the content. The same content can be leased to other customers.

License holders (except EXCLUSIVE License holders) are forbidden from making any licensed content available for free download on a shared drive, service, software or website for the purpose of exchanging, transferring or distributing, as well as from reselling, sub-licensing, renting, donating or otherwise transferring the File or rights to it to third parties.

All models we work with have signed a standard Model Photography Release document and have consented to be featured in Book Covers and other publishing and entertainment materials.

Credit is appreciated but not required (Doesn’t apply to FREE Stock). Credit for all images should go to “Stocklarium, BZN Photos.”

Any additional questions feel free to ask!